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Selling Businesses

Selling Your Business?

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Each transaction is unique and has its own challenges. I have consulted with companies with $2 million to $200 million in sales around the U.S. and bring thirty years of experience with strong analytical capabilities

In this five minute video, let's review five concepts that business owners ask us about selling businesses.

Our Core Values

Thoughtful Planning, Hard work and Experience

Selling a business is challenging and a great responsibility. Nothing comes easy. We all work hard to convert opportunity to success. Our core values of thoughtful planning, hard work and thirty years of experience allows us to achieve top results.

I started Stonebridge to provide service built on the client's needs, not the firms. I have a support team to leverage my time. I am at every meeting and handle every part of the transaction. We leverage our knowledge and creative strategies to sell companies and provide clients with thoughtful and dedicated personal service.

Dan O'Connell
President, Stonebridge

All Conversations Remain Private and Confidential

If you are considering a sale of your business, now or in the future, or you just want to ask us a few questions, we welcome your call. All conversations remain private and confidential.