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Startup Valuation

Know Your Startups Worth

  • Entrepreneurs starting a new business should know their worth and have a valuation report on hand.
  • Avoid substantial dilution after the "family and friends" round - without a proper valuation the Series A and B capital raise is sure to dilute the entrepreneur's stock.
  • All of our valuations meet IRS standards and are performed by a qualified expert.
  • IRS compliant valuations do not need to be expensive. We utilize experience and a proprietary process to deliver great valuations at a fair price.



For startups who desire a strong indication of value for early funding and 409 (a) purposes. The Standard Startup Valuation reviews the company’s current operations, expected cash flows and three valuation methods, plus;

  • Startup cash flow cycles
  • Analysis of the cash drivers
  • 5 year forecasted income statements
  • 5 year forecasted net cash flows
  • Cost of Capital calculation
  • Discounted Cash Flow Method
  • Terminal Value Method
  • Allocation for Fair Market Value

Allow 3 – business days. We can bring our experience to help with estimating capital needs, income streams and cash flows. The Standard Startup provides a solid value base.



For startups who need a strong indication of value but might be seeking a post family and friends capital round, and possibly a Series A round. The Select Startup continues to build on the Standard Startup Valuation, plus;

  • Complete financial statements
  • Ten-year forecast – maturity levels
  • Financial analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow Method
  • Terminal Value Method
  • Funding Guidelines Method
  • Industry Ratios
  • Industry Outlook

Allow 5 – business days. The Startup Select valuation with ten-year forecasts to reach maturity levels with added valuation guidelines and industry data and success factors.



The Premium Startup Valuation is geared to raising capital. The Premium Startup builds the story and adds market analysis to arrive and support the value. The Premium Startup includes the data in the Select Startup, plus;

  • Opportunity and market analysis
  • Review cash flow and risk model
  • Discounted Cash Flow Method
  • Terminal Value Method
  • Funding Guidelines Method
  • Scorecard Value Method
  • Venture Capital Method
  • Risk Probability Value
  • Industry Products & Success Factors

Allow 10 – business days. The Startup Premium presents a business valuation with a more detailed operational analysis and four valuation guidelines and risk analysis.

Every valuation comes with a consultation on how to interpret the valuation report to gain the most from it.

For thirty years Dan has been active in merger and acquisitions, consulting companies to improve cash flow and enterprise value, and preparing professional business valuations. Dan offers customized approaches to value as each appraisal engagement is unique and calls for an experienced appraiser applying individual assessments, applications and approaches to value.

Call to discuss your valuation needs.

Stonebridge demonstrates professionalism, expertise, accuracy, reliability, timeliness, and independence while adhering to professional standards and ethics. Our certified valuations are thoughtful and straightforward. Stonebridge provides accurate and reliable appraisals that are based on thorough research, analysis, and methodology.

All client data is private and confidential. Stonebridge provides valuations in three to ten days, depending on the package selected. Call us with any questions.

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