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Stonebridge Advisory offers four types of valuations ranging from a small business valuation report to detailed reports for larger manufacturing, distribution, retail and service based businesses. Each report is customized and tailored to the client's individual needs. Below are just a few examples of some of the valuations we have done.

Medical Product Company

Valuation For A Partner Buy-Out

Stonebridge principles were asked to provide a Limited Appraisal on a business using the Fair Market Value as the standard of value for a medical products company with $16 million of sales that was considering a sale of the business. The company's management team was interested in acquiring the remaining founders stock position, but they had a disagreement on the company's value.

Stonebridge reviewed the company, its products and services, past and expected earnings stream, industry trends and delivered an opinion of value .The client was able to use the valuation to resolve pricing issues with the management team and entered into an agreement to purchase the remaining shares.

Furniture Manufacturer

Valuation For Sale Of Business

Stonebridge principles were asked to provide a business valuation using a Fair Market Value as the standard of value for a furniture manufacturer for a proposed sale of the business. The company was approached by a large competitor who made an offer for the company and the client wanted an opinion of value in order to consider and respond to the unsolicited offer to acquire the company.

Stonebridge performed a valuation for the client who needed confirmation on the value of the company. Our opinion of value was twelve percent higher than the offering price, which was almost $4 million more. The client was able to make a counter offer with better information.

Equipment Manufacturing Company

Valuation To Raise Capital

Stonebridge was asked to provide a business valuation on the Fair Market Value of an equipment manufacturer with a strong client base and sales growth. The company needed growth capital and was entertaining non-banking sources for capital.

Stonebridge performed a valuation which the client used to determine how to structure a transaction with a financing company who was also going to take an equity position in the company.

Technology-Based Service Company

Valuation To Build Added Value

Stonebridge was hired to perform a business valuation to determine the fair market value of the company. The client wanted to understand the value the company had created to date .

Stonebridge supplied an opinion of value and went over the valuation discussing the various value components and how changes to the company's operations can drive further value. The owner is seeking a sale of the business in two to four years and is concentrating on maximizing the enterprise value.

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