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    Private companies tend to reduce their tax liability by recording personal expenses blended with the company's operating expenses which lowers profits. Our goal is to isolate the true earnings capacity of the company so we need to understand the full earnings potential.

    An add-back is an expense incurred that a new business owner would not pay. This might be personal expenses paid to owners above an industry market-based pay, one-time charges such as legal fees for an unusual event, damage from a storm, personal expenses, etc.

    Group the add-back items by a category and enter the corresponding numbers for each year. Enter up to 5 add-back categories and include the dollar amount.

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    Not all companies have the same reporting policies depending on their situation or how long they have been in business. We ask for income statements (I/S) and the corresponding balance sheets (B/S) for past years. (For startups send us what you have.)

    Three years of data is better than one year, and five years is better than three years. More years of data gives us an indication of trend-lines and how the company performs over a longer period and handles market fluctuations.

    Important Note: If available please upload the year-to-date income statement and corresponding balance sheet for the current year.

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    If you are experiencing issues uploading files, please email them directly to us at: [email protected]